Posted by: swapnaraju | February 19, 2013

UGANDA – Africa’s New Frontier



The vast lakes , dense rain forests  and glacier-clad Rwenzori mountains and beautiful savanna grass land makes up the beautiful Uganda. It was not known to the world because of the nation and its people have been brutalized by dictators, battered by warlords,
images (2)and negatively portrayed by viral videos. The Safari goers just bypass this beautiful land, visiting neighboring nations Kenya and Tanzania. But ever since it has been picked up as best tourist destination by Lonely Planet and National geographic the things has changed.

download (1)The headwaters of the Nile originate here, then burst through a cleft in the rocks at Murchison Falls. Uganda’s parade of animals is amazingly diverse. Hippos graze along the shores of Lake Edward in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, while lions lounge in the trees of Ishasha, in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The star in Bwindi is the mountain gorilla, a species down to about 720 animals visible in their tiny habitat.

“The pride of Uganda’s tourism lies in the undisturbed green nature that welcomes you the moment you land in Uganda whether by air, water, land or any means of transportation,” stated the National Geographic.

“Getting out of the city will be a rewarding experience with a variety of bird species, wildlife, and the rare mountain gorillas that have been ‘a hot cake’ to Uganda.”

The best times are January-March and June-August where there is not much rain and it is normally dry.

What to see

In the heart of Uganda’s central region, you will many preserved cultural sites and destinations suitable for adventures and researchers. These range from tombs, kingdom heritage sites and buildings, Kampala and Entebbe city centres, falls and massive water bodies such Lake Victoria.

uganda-rwenzorisThe Western part of Uganda is one beautiful wonderland gifted with golden grasslands, green tea plantations, hills with terrace gardens, thick tropical rainforests and a snow peaked Mountain, The Rwenzori. There are game parks, game reserves and forest reserves in this region, which you can visit in only a 2½ hrs drive from Kampala.

The North provides yet another awe inspiring destination with ample opportunity to view Ugandan tribes, culture and wildlife in a stunning location.06 - Samburu Warriors

Travelling eastwards you’ll come across the source of the river Nile where you can enjoy a boat ride or for the more adventurous among you, bungee jumping or white water rafting at Bujagali falls. The eastern region also offers you the opportunity to visit Tororo rocks, the Elgon Mountain, Nyero rock paintings in the Kumi district, Mt. Moroto and so much more.


The country has over 3,200 tourism sites although efforts are underway to classify them for better tourism promotion according to the Ministry of Tourism.



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