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VISAKHAPATNAM – The city of Destiny

Visakhapatnam The name was coined after Visakha, the Hindu god of valour. It is surrounded by Eastern Ghats and faces Bay of Bengal on the east. It is also called the City of Destiny, because of its landscapic  view and very attractive beaches.  It is the head quarters of Eastern Naval Command.

Situated in a “Picturesque Amphitheater of Hills”, The city stands itself on a space backed by the blue sea on the one hand and the vast swamp on the other. Beyond this swamp, we find the Simhachalam Hill range jutting almost into the sea at Kailasagiri (“Thomas’ Folly”) and Rushikonda (“the Sugar loaf Hill”) in the North East and the Dolphin’s Nose hill range projecting as bold headland into the Bay on the South and pyramid-like hills on the fringe of tidal swamp on the West.

Another outstanding feature of the city is its rocky and sandy hills inside. They are the Ross Hill, Darga hill, Venkateswara Hill in the South , the sandy hill range from King George Hospital to Utagedda in the North and the twin hills between which passes the Waltair Road.

It developed from a small fisherman’s village to the city of immense beauty and industrialization. City is connected to all parts of India through Rail, Road and Airways. Recently International Flights are being operated.

The district is witness to varied climatic conditions. The coastal regions are pleasantly humid and comfortable, further inland the air gets warmer while in the hill areas it is noticeably cooler on account of elevation and vegetation.

Dotting the east coat, the beaches of Vizag lay spread over the choppy waters of Bay Of Bengal. Here you can immerse yourself in the serenity, enjoy a sunset with a cup of coffee and quietly re vitalize your body and mind.

For the adventurous the surf and the wind are the perfect for wind surfing water skiing and other water sports.

Places you must visit

Ramakrishna  Beach

Ramakrishna Beach is a long beach which is opened to the metropolitan charms of the town, ideal for fun time. Overlooking the Bay Of Bengal near R.K. Beach a Public Aquarium that houses a variety of aquatics are also added attraction. It’s also ideal for eat outs Number of food courts offering a variety of authentic delicacies of India as well as Oriental. serving Kebabs, North Indian eats like Chats, Bhelpuri, etcetera.

Rushikonda Beach (Sugar Loaf Hill)

Picture a 180-degree view of the white sand beach, dotted with palm and mango grooves on a warm breezy evening, as the rush of waves against the shore can be heard. Picture a quiet afternoon at the beach with only you and your friends and no one else. Picture sitting at an open air restaurant, as you listen to the soothing music and marvel at the stunning sunset. This is Just Rushikonda Beach.

Yarada Beach

If you’re looking for something more relaxed and private, yet still close to restaurant, Yarada Beach is the perfect Beach on offering fr you. Just steps in the calm and shallow water of Yarada Beach it is perfect for kids, an oasis for adults.


Natural Harbor Vizag is Spectacular feast to eyes.


Vizag have Number of Parks watch have its own distinctive charm. Some sitting beside the beach and some Overlooking The Beach from Top  and etcetera. The Parks in Vizag offer that needed relaxation and are full of various fun filled activities.

Located on the Sun and Sea beach Vuda Park is one of the most attractive spots of Vizag. With play pens, boating club, musicals fountains, yoga centre, theme park, Vuda Park has something for everybody. Its an ideal place spend evenings at leisure.

Kailashgiri (Thomas’ Folly Hill)

Known as Thomas’ Folly in the The colonial Era, Kailasagiri is situated at an altitude of 360 ft. A charming hillock on the sea front bordering a small valley within the city. The magnificent statues of Shiva- Parvathi are illuminated at night and is worth seeing. Hillock is  named after the Deity present on the hill, Lord Shiva.

To reach the top you can travel through Rope way.

and to go round the top getting beautiful view of vizag through toy train.

The Shanku Chakra Naama which symbolizes the image of Lord Vishnu in its pristine form, fully lighted at night is visible from most parts of the city. The park gives an enchanting view of the sea, beaches, lush green forests and the bustling city.

Kailasagiri is a gliders paradise with excellent gliding facilities. Situated at an altitude of 130 mts., the gliding point provides ample opportunities to test the gliding skills of the gliders.


Developed adjacent to Mudasarlova Cheruvu which is fed by the Springs originating From and Kailasa Hill Ranges Mudasarlova is the major Source of Drinking Water To Vizag. The park has the best set up possible for picnicking. This beautiful site near the lake nestles amidst hills and palm trees. There are pretty parks full of beautiful flowers and different types of trees, fountains, birds in cages as well as several picnic spots. There is also an excellent scenic Golf Course Club located here.

Shivaji park

Spread over an area of 3 acres Shivaji Park is one of the attractions of Vizag. Open in the evenings Shivaji Park have many attractions like Skating Ring, fountains beautiful gardens. Amphi theater, food courts make This Park an ideal picnic spot.


Visakha Museum

Located on the Beach road, Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation museum has historical treasures and artifacts of the region. The museum is housed in 150 year old architecturally impressive Dutch Bungalow. The collections include ancient armory, crockery, coins, silk costumes, jewelry, stuffed animals, portraits, Shell of an unexploded bomb dropped by the Japanese during World War II, manuscripts, letters, diaries, scrap books as well as periodicals, maps etc which chronicle the lives of the early settlers.

INS Kursura

INS Kursura the fourth submarine of the Indian Navy has now been converted into a museum, which is the first one of its kind in this subcontinent. The complete submarine including her weapon package was hauled up from sea to land and positioned on concrete foundation. The museum contains milestones of the evolution of the submarine arm chronicled through artifacts, photographs and written scripts.


128 meters above sea level overlooking the sea Thotlakonda(‘thotla’ meaning trough and ‘konda’ meaning hill) derives from the presence of a number of rock-cut troughs hewn in the bedrock of the hillock. These rectangular troughs, which can still be seen, were used for storing water that used to be purified with herbs.

Thotlakonda attracts by its scenic beauty, flanked as it is by the pristine waters of the sea and the hilly ranges of the Eastern Ghats. On this vast stretch of empty land can be seen the rectangular troughs for storing water, a large stupa known as the ‘maha stupa,’ where part of the ashes of Buddha are supposed to have been kept, the top of a broken pillar which is supposed to have been a part of the stupa, and ruins of prayer or lecture halls for students. Also to be seen are the ruins of a 64-pillared congregational hall where monks used to gather for meditation and religious discourses. There is also a kitchen complex consisting of four rectangular rooms used for cooking and storing food.

The Thotlakonda Buddhist complex lies about 15 km. from Vizag city on way to Bheemili town.


Bavikonda named due to the existence of wells on the hill to collect rainwater for drinking purpose. It is also considered to be one of the oldest and sacred Buddhist centres in Asia.


The hill of the lion (Simhachalam) combines the Orissan and Chalukyan features of temple construction, and it attracts scores of pilgrims from both Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.

The architecture of the temple is a combination of that of Konarak’s Sun Temple, those of Chalukyas and the Cholas.  This temple boasts of a beautiful stone chariot drawn by horses. The Kalyana Mandapa within the temple has 16 pillars with bas reliefs depicting the incarnations of Vishnu. Narasimha, the man lion incarnation of Vishnu is seen in several depictions throughout the temple.

The cubical shaped sannidhi is centrally located in the quadrangle. The dwajasthamba, a metallic piece with an artistic design, is in front of the maha mantapa. The walls of the garbagraha carry fine sculptures in the niches, which have been sculpted in Hoysala style.

Kanakamahalakshmi Temple

The family deity of the rulers of Vizag. They consecrated Her a century ago in the centre of a narrow street within the `Buruju’ (fort) and the area came to be known as Burujupeta.

She is “Kanaka Mahalakshmi Ammavaru” and She is worshipped as the `Guardian of the city’. The temple is without a roof and has no walls on the four sides. Another unique feature of this mystic temple evolves around its rituals. Here the pujas are performed by devotees themselves in their own respective style unlike in most temples where it is performed by a priest.


Government Accommodations

There are many accommodation facilities owned by the different branches of the Government. A traveler have wide range of choices to choose from, Operated by APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) these facilities are located in every important part of the place. But not the only Option.

Punnami Yatrinivas 

Opp. Appu Ghar Site, Beach Road, MVP Colony, Vizag.
Ph: +91 891 – 2562333/ 2710711

Punnami Rishikonda 
Bhimili Road,
Visakhapatnam, Ph:0891-2790734.2790733

Punnami Muyuri, Araku 
Araku, Ph:08936-249643/2492041

Punnami Valley Resort (Yatrinivas), 
Araku, Ph:08936-249490
Accommodation Hotels


The Park Hotel *****
Beach Road,
Visakhapatnam – 530 023,
Andhra Pradesh, India

Tel:  +91-0891-2754488
Fax: +91-0891-2744181


Grand Bay Hotel ***
Beach Road
Vishakapatnam – 530002
Andhra Pradesh, India

Tel: +91-0891-2560101
Fax: +91-0891-2550691


Taj Residency  *****
Beach Road,
Visakhapatnam – 530002
Andhra Pradesh

Tel: +91-0891-2567756
Green Park ****
Waltair Main Road
Visakhapatnam – 530002
Andhra Pradesh

Tel: +91-0891-5515151
Fax: +91-0891-2563763


Dolphin Hotel ****
Andhra Pradesh

Daspalla Hotel ***
28-2-48, Surya Bagh
Andhra Pradesh, India

Tel: +91-0891-2564825
Fax: +91-0891-2563141


Executive Court ***
Waltair Height,
Andhra Pradesh, India

Tel: +91-0891-2717300
Fax: +91-0891-2717444


Royal Fort *** 
Silmetta Junction
Visakhapatnam – 530002
Andhra Pradesh, India

Tel: +91-0891-5567575
Fax: +91-0891-5563398


If one visiting vizag must not forget to visit this extravaganza.

Araku Valley

Araku is a famous hill station of AP. It is located at a distance of 120 KM from Visakhapatnam ( Vizag )is famous for its scenic beauty. Located on the eastern ghats , it has valley, water falls and streams flowing by the side of the train track and roads . The journey to Araku Valley is the most enjoying as the rail passes through tunnels, hill sides and streams. . It is better to go to Araku by train and return by road.

Borra Caves

Borra Caves are located at a distance of 92 Km north of Visakhapatnam. The caves open with 100 meter on horizontal plane and aobut 75 meters on vertical plane. These caves spread over an area of one square KM and the origin of river Gosthani which flows through the district. This you must see if you are in Araku Valley or in Visakhaptanam. This location is at a height of 800 to 1300 meters from MSL. William King the British geologist discovered this million years old cave in the year 1807.

Visit Vizag…..there is much more than this.



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